November 8 - Marmedsa Noatum Maritime and SLP have made an agreement whereby SLP will acquire 50 percent of Agemasa, the port of Bilbao's general cargo stevedore, whilst Marmedsa Noatum Maritime will acquire 24 percent of SLP, the port's bulk terminal.

Luisa Guibert, president of SLP, said that: "Today more than ever it's necessary to take efforts towards creating new paths of growth, and with that aim we have bet for this alliance, that will allow us to become stronger. We will take advantage of our main skills, as well as our solid experience and strong knowledge of the sector."

Antonio Campoy, president of Marmedsa Noatum Maritime, said that: "This agreement with SLP will allow us to generate more competitive dynamics in the Port of Bilbao, and at the same time generate new synergies between both companies. We will work together with the port authority, which has become a key support for us, in order to generate new business opportunities."

Douglas Schultz, Noatum´s CEO, added that "this agreement reflects the company´s will to create strategic alliances, with the goal of creating newbusiness structures better adapted to the current economic situation and more qualified to face future challenges".

Noatum Ports S.L.U. and Noatum Maritime Holdings S.L.U. are, respectively, the largest maritime terminal operators in Spain and a leader in port services in the Spanish market through Marmedsa Noatum Maritime.

As well as a number of container terminals throughout the country, Noatum Ports and Marmedsa Noatum Maritime also operate dry bulk and general cargo terminals in Santander (Noatum Terminal Graneles Santander and Noatum Terminal Polivalente Santander), Sagunto (Noatum Terminal Polivalente Sagunto) and the Intermodal Terminal of Puerto Seco de Coslada in Madrid. (Conterail).