August 15 - Yacht Exports has transported a 40-tonne submarine from Gothenburg, Sweden to Kingston in Jamaica.

The 40-tonne submarine, which was valued at USD1.6 million, was first lifted onto a truck in Gothenburg and transported inland to the port of Antwerp, where it was secured onto a flat rack container, and lifted and secured on board a vessel for shipment to Kingston.

The submarine, which is owned and operated by Sub See Adventures in Kingston, will be used in an underwater eco-tour of Ocho Rios Bay. The submarine will dive 100 ft below the surface, giving tourists a close-up view of marine life and shipwrecks.

"Moving this submarine and knowing it will be used to enhance the tourism industry in Jamaica speaks volumes," said Yacht Exports managing director, Alon Ezra.

"The transport and delivery of this submarine will not only have an economic impact, but it will also make a lot of people happy and boost their vacation experience in Jamaica," added Vadim Yegudkin, manager at the company.