August 13 - Two Geldof-manufactured storage tanks, the largest measuring 16 m wide and 12 m high, have been transported to a refinery in Antwerp.

The two tanks were shipped to the port of Antwerp, from where they had to be transported 100 m to the refinery.

The largest tank had to be transported over the port's main railway and access road, which required both to be completely closed for traffic. Geldof explained that approval from about 15 different parties was needed in order to allow the delivery.

"It is the largest diameter ever for our customer," said Geldof director, Xavier Mestdag. "Our client's internal specialists thought it would be impossible to deliver both tanks completely finalised to their site, but we came up with a solution by transporting the largest tank over the main avenue to the site."

"We shortened the lead time because we built the tank at the same time as the civil works were taking place," added Mestdag. He went on to explain that when the tanks arrive at the site, they can immediately be placed on their foundations, which is safer due to the limited space  that is available for construction at the refinery.

Geldof said that this project is the foundation for a large-scale investment in the port of Antwerp's petrochemical sector.