July 3 - Terex has officially unveiled its new Boom Booster kit for its CC 8800-1 crawler crane, which increases the crane's lifting capacity by up to 90 percent.

The kit is a must-have for heavy lifting applications with long-boom configurations, such as petrochemical, wind turbine erection and power plant installation, says the crane manufacturer.

The Boom Booster allows the CC 8800-1 to outlift any crane within the 1,000 to 2,000-tonne capacity range, and 3,000-tonne capacity range cranes under certain conditions, claimed Terex.

The kit offers up to 72 m of lift-enhancing boom structure for the crawler crane. The 11 m long lower and upper adapters flare out to a 10 m width, nearly three times the standard 3.5 m boom width, to enhance the system's structural integrity.

Moreover, said Terex, the Boom Booster can be disassembled and shipped in standard 40 ft open top containers.

"No other lift enhancing equipment on the market offers the balance of increased lifting capacity and low economical transport costs of the new Terex Boom Booster," said Guntram Jakobs, manager of product marketing at Terex Cranes.

"This new Terex boom configuration option will give a big boost to customers' results in the field."