November 5 - Topline Express Logistics has recently handled two projects that were packed or re-packed by the company to save logistical costs.

Topline was asked by Ecuadorian company Schryver to ship two wooden cases of machinery from Shanghai to Guayaquil using one 40 ft flatrack container.

"We checked the dimensions of the cargo and found we could save substantial costs if the wooden cases could be stacked," said Topline president Martin Zhao. "Therefore, we informed Schryver of our proposal to reinforce the cases to make them stable for stacking…The shipment was shipped stacked in a 20' flat-rack and around USD6,000 in ocean freight was saved for the consignee."

Topline also recently handled a project move for a manufacturer of tyre production machines. Zhao explained that the shipper often used 12 40 ft high cube containers to transport the machinery parts.

Topline re-designed the packing solution in order to ensure a more economical fit, so that the same amount of cargo was shipped in ten 40 ft high cube containers instead of 12.

Topline Express Logistics has been a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) in China since 2011.