March 15 - The SGC-120, a giant crane built by Belgium-based Sarens Group, is currently executing its first job in Phoenix, USA, executing heavy lifting jobs for the construction of an enormous production hall for the steel industry.

The operations, which involves the SGC-120 in positioning 160 m beams each weighing 325 tonnes was witnessed byPresident Obama (pictured below) on a visit to the plant, one of the biggest manufacturing sites in the USA.


With the SGC-120 in the background, Obama gave a speech which fitted into his five-state tour. He explained his economic plans with a focus on the creation of jobs. As this manufacturing site will create 1,000 extra jobs, it was the ideal location.

President Obama said at the beginning of his speech: "I'm told that right there is the world's largest land-based crane. I decided I had to check this out for myself because honestly, first of all who wants to miss out on a chance to see the crane? That thing is huge."