UTC Overseas’ chief operating officer global energy and capital projects, Marco Poisler, will continue in his role as an adjunct professor at the University of Houston for another two semesters.

As HLPFI reported here, Poisler joined the Supply Chain & Logistics Technology Program at the university’s College of Technology earlier this year and led a course on project logistics.

Margaret Kidd, the university’s programme director, supply chain and logistics technology, confirmed that Poisler will instruct summer and autumn core courses on transportation economics and policy.

The course will leverage Poisler’s own career and education, which includes practical training at the World Trade Institute in New York and foreign exchange/banking letters of credit courses at NYU; as well as a masters in transportation at SUNY Maritime College in New York.

It will cover topics such as the role of the United Nations with IMO 2020, Incoterms 2020 and the impact of transport economic policy on all modes of transportation.

Poisler commented: “Project logistics is inherently an interdisciplinary study involving understanding various modes of transport, financing, chartering, insurance, risk management, and purchasing. I drew on the diverse experience of students encouraging them share that applied knowledge with each other so that students also learn from each other and from the carefully selected reading material of the course.”