Van Oord has signed a two-year partnership agreement with Hendrik Veder Group for the provision of offshore lifting equipment and services.

As a result of the agreement, Van Oord will outsource its housing and lifting equipment management to the Hendrik Veder Group.

Hendrik Veder Group will provide inventory management; maintain and certify the lifting equipment; provide storage and stock management services; and provide logistical support, delivering all lifting equipment just in time and fit for purpose to the jobsite.

Van Oord uses the equipment for the installation of offshore wind turbines, and the agreement will focus on developing sustainable lifting methods for these operations.

Michiel Pieterman, offshore wind operations manager at Van Oord, explained: “This partnership enables us to use lifting equipment in a sustainable way. The high-quality lifting equipment has a longer lifespan, because it is either reused or converted into new raw materials, while guaranteeing 100 percent compliance at all times. This is a practical way of helping both companies achieve their sustainability goals.”