March 24 - Vossmann Logistik has used a Faymonville Combimax trailer to transport a 105-tonne vortex used in the cleaning of gas to the inland Port of Meppen, Germany.

The industrial part measured almost 20 m in length and over 7 m in diameter. It was transported on a 12-axle trailer from Dinklage, Germany to the harbour in Meppen via the Lindern, Sögel and Werlte rivers.

From Meppen, the vortex left the harbour to sail to Voerde, where the components were assembled in a heavy load workshop before continuing to Duisburg.

According to Faymonville, the German heavy haulage company recently added 16 axle lines with a flatbed, excavator deck and vessel deck to its fleet.

Speaking of the new acquisitions, Swen Siefken, Vossmann's project manager, said: "Naturally, the advantage is the great flexibility. It allows us to respond to very diverse challenges with numerous possible combinations… We have only recently been active again in the segment above 100-tonne gross weight."