November 15 - Project forwarding specialist Quality Freight (QF) UK has invested GBP700,000 (USD920,000) in a Terex Fuchs MHL390 material handling crane.

QF has installed the new crane at its Ellesmere Port base, where it will operate alongside the firm's Fuchs MHL360 wheeled crane, RHL340 tracked crane and an Liebherr 150.

According to QF, the MHL390 - which is capable of handling more than 400 tonnes of cargo per hour - will give it the capacity to handle recent rising demands at the port.

Sebastian Gardiner, managing director of QF UK, said: "We have seen volumes increase by over 20 percent during the past 12 months and are extremely confident about business prospects moving into 2018."

He added: "This significant further investment in the business will achieve a number of objectives. It will allow us to increase bulk volumes in the port, allow multi-vessel working and enhance customer service through faster vessel turnaround."