German crane and heavy haulage contractor Baumann has expanded its heavy lift equipment fleet with the addition of an Enerpac SBL600 hydraulic gantry system.   

Photo 1 - Enerpac SBL600 - Baumann IMG_9095

The compact, easy to transport, SBL600 will allow the company to undertake heavy lift projects where limited space makes a mobile crane impractical. 

The gantry was used recently to install a 176-tonne transformer in a German power plant. First deployed outside the building, it lifted the transformer from a flatbed trailer and then lowered it on to a SPMT to drive into the plant. The gantry was then dissembled and reassembled in the power plant to successfully complete the transformer installation. 

The SBL600 hydraulic gantry is Baumann’s first Enerpac system and replaces an older ageing gantry. Sabine Baumann-Duvenbeck, managing director and ceo at Baumann, said: “We’ve been impressed with the advances in gantry technology in the SBL600, such as wireless controls for the gantry and side shifts, allowing unrestricted operator positioning, also automatic synchronous lifting and built in safety alarms to alert the operator of unsafe conditions. Add to this its smaller footprint and folding boom that makes it easier to transport to site, the SBL600 gantry is a significant addition to our heavy lift fleet.”  

The Enerpac SBL600 hydraulic gantry has a lifting capacity of 612 tonnes and a maximum lifting height of 10.6 m. Baumann has opted for the electric-powered header beam side shift units that will allow the company’s project team to customise the below the hook distance.