December 12 - German heavy haulage provider Spedition Meier & Sohn has used its CombiMAX trailer combination from Faymonville to deliver an 85-tonne boiler.

Meier & Sohn configured the 12-axle semi low loader with telescopic add-on beam to move the boiler, which measured 30 m long and had a diameter of 5 m.

Although the weight of the unit was no problem for the Faymonville vehicle combinations, which has a payload of over 150 tonnes, the length of the piece proved more challenging, explained the trailer manufacturer.

According to Faymonville, Meier & Sohn was the first German customer to take delivery of a CombiMAX combination, which included two goosenecks, 16 axles, an add-on beam and vessel bridges.

Meier & Sohn's general manager Bernd Meier explained: "For us, the CombiMAX is primarily used in connection with orders for the wind energy industry (steel towers or installations). But we also use the variable possibilities for deploying the CombiMAX either as a lowbed or a semi-combination for machinery and installations, transformers or boilers. In addition, we've already been able to show what it can do in the construction sector."