June 7 - A tiny part of Polish military history has been saved from oblivion thanks to the use of two Terex lattice boom crawler cranes, one Terex CC 2800-1 and one Terex CC 2500-1. They have relocated the historical bunker for the re-construction of the

Polish company, Gastel ¯urawie organised the lift of the 464 tonne concrete bunker after a local conservation official refused to allow its dismantling.

Originally built as part of a larger military fortification, the bunker is considered to be one of the best preserved examples of its kind in Poland.

Tomasz Kwieciñski, vice president of Gastel ¯urawie, says: "This lift required careful planning and the use of heavy lifting cranes capable of operating to the high level of precision required to move the bunker to its final destination. We needed a solution that would enable us to lift, carry and rotate the entire structure extremely carefully in a single journey, without deteriorating the bunker's existing fragile condition."

Part of the solution was a giant steel cage designed to encase the bunker while being strong enough to take the full tension of both cranes without buckling during the lifting process. Rapidly assembled in SSL configuration with 42 m main booms, both cranes were fully rigged and ready to operate within three days.

The crane manufacturer says that its Terex CC 2500-1 is the most powerful lattice boom crawler crane in its class, providing a maximum lifting capacity of 500 tonnes and maximum load moment of 6140 metre tonnes, the CC 2500-1 offers a maximum load radius of 142m with SSL/LSL 126m + 36m LF. The Terex CC 2800-1 lattice boom crawler crane can be converted from standard version to special-purpose wind power crane and back, with only a few special components.