elebia has launched the Hookbot for moving containers in the offshore sector.


“In the offshore sector, on maritime platforms such as oil and gas, loading and unloading containers from service vessels is a very risky procedure for operators and goods,” said elebia. “The Hookbot has been designed with the goal to improve safety in handling and moving these containers in maritime platforms and in extreme conditions.

“For years we have been approached for a solution to the possibility of carrying out loading and unloading operations in maritime platforms. The Hookbot is an autonomous remote-controlled robot that allows the remote movement on a flat surface with obstacles. It is a simple, compact, robust and fail-safe robot which carries an evo20 automatic hook and hangs from the crane’s hook.”

The remote-controlled robot automatically engages and releases the container’s lifting ring thanks to the vertical and angular adjustment of the evo20 crane hook. All functions are controlled remotely, reducing the need of personnel involved to zero, reaching the ultimate goal of an unmanned platform.