Heavy-duty trailer manufacturer Faymonville has launched the HighwayMAX All-In-One modular trailer for the North American market.

Faymonville HighwayMAX All-In-One for North America (3)

HighwayMAX All-In-One trailer.

The heavy-duty trailers can be converted from a 3+6 double drop deck with a maximum payload of 68 tonnes, up to a nine or 12-axle single drop trailer with a nitro-booster and a maximum payload of 98 tonnes.

The trailer is designed to increase utilisation while decreasing overall operational costs, according to Faymonville.

The trailers have hydraulically steered axles at the front and rear, as well as pendle-axle technology with a 24-inch (60 cm) stroke, able to steer loads up to an angle of 60 degrees.

The fifth wheel load and axle-load can be adjusted in order distribute loads suitably. Faymonville said that after load operations have been carried out, the configuration can be reduced to a minimum overall vehicle combination length which significantly reduces the costs of unloaded journeys.

Rainer Noe, Faymonville product manager, commented: “A configuration as a tower adapter vehicle is also possible. And the entire range such as excavator decks, transformer decks, perimeter decks etc. can be integrated in the double drop version.”

The trailer is suitable for moving industrial parts, construction machines, wind tower segments, crane elements and other heavy loads.


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