FibreMax has manufactured its strongest synthetic cable to date, achieving a breaking strength of 17,020 kilo newtons.

The cable was made from aramid, one of the strongest fibres in the world and used in bulletproof vests. According to the manufacturer, the cable last five times longer than its traditional steel/rope counterparts.

FibreMax explained that the size of offshore components is increasing to meet growing demand for sustainable energy. This has subsequently led to increased demand for larger and stronger equipment, and new solutions.

With floating wind energy installations, for instance, the cables anchoring a wind turbine must be able to withstand up to 40 million pulling movements during the turbine’s lifespan. FibreMax said its cables are up the task and can last for 20 years with no maintenance.

The company said that the cable is certified under the standard DNVGL-ST-0378.