Goldhofer will present its Stepstar and Addrive units at the GIS exhibition that takes place at Piacenza Expo, Italy on October 7-9.

The three- to five-axle semi-trailer Stepstar range was launched in 2020 and can handle payloads up to 70 tonnes.

The new generation of ramps have been developed for vehicles with low ramp angles. The series includes versions with one or two pairs of wheel recesses plus a low, loadable gooseneck.

The Goldhofer Addrive transport solution can be operated as a towed heavy-duty module or as a self-propelled transporter.

This, Goldhofer explained, avoids en route transloading, thus speeding up the process and boosting productivity. With the mechanically disconnected drive system, the individual modules can be towed like conventional heavy-duty modules without heat build up. It can be coupled with most Goldhofer heavy-duty modules common across Europe, as well as with various dropdecks and long-load turntables.

Moreover, with the help of Addronic – a new synchronisation software developed by Goldhofer – Addrive can also be operated in combination with other self-propelled transporters and modules.