Turkish crane rental company ÖZ TUNCEL mobilised one of its all-terrain units for a rescue operation at Istanbul Airport.

Grove GMK6300L-1 used in at Istanbul Airport salvage operation

Source: The Manitowoc Company

A Grove GMK6300L-1 was deployed to support an aircraft salvage operation at Istanbul Airport during May 2024. A FedEx Express Boeing 767 cargo plane touched down at the airport without its front landing gear, bumping its nose on the runway and sending sparks flying. 

The GMK6300L-1 was onsite for eight hours, carefully lifting the 15.4-tonne nose of the aircraft, while maintaining control of the load so no other parts of the plane were damaged during removal. “We needed a crane that we could rely on, and Grove’s GMK6300L-1 was the perfect choice,” said Ali Doğan Tuncel, owner of ÖZ TUNCEL. “The salvage was a success, and normal services were swiftly resumed at the airport.”