European heavy haul and lifting specialists Kahl has acquired 38 PST/ES-E self-propelled axle lines from Goldhofer to increase its capacity for challenging infrastructure projects.

Kahl opts for Goldhofer self-propelled axles

Source: Goldhofer

With 100 self-propelled axle lines (PST) and around 250 towed axle lines from Goldhofer, the Kahl Group has one of the largest heavy-duty trailer fleets in Europe. The latest order comprises 30 PST/ES-E (315) axle lines, plus eight PST/ES-E (285) axle lines with variable track width. 

“We opted for the Goldhofer self-propelled modules because they offer unique and unrivalled tractive power and performance, which is essential for our challenging projects,” said Andreas Kahl, managing director. “Also of decisive importance for us is the ability of the PST/ES-E (285) modules, with a basic width of 2.43 m, to widen under load. This enables us to organise our transports even more efficiently and safely.” 

Axle widening under load provides the same lateral stability as a 3,000 mm wide self-propelled transporter. With a basic width of 2,430 mm, all PST/ES-E modules are suitable for flatrack shipping. 

With the new PST/ES-E transporters, Kahl Group said that it handle complex lift and shift operations, especially in combination with jack-up systems from Greiner, a leading manufacturer of hydraulic lifting equipment. 

In 2023, Kahl Group invested in 38 axle lines of Goldhofer’s FT SERIES heavy-duty modular trailers. 28 of these FT axle lines feature an extremely high bending moment, which allows for even higher payloads.