July 28 - Liebherr has increased the lifting capacity of its 750-tonne capacity LR1750/2 and LG 1750 models, with an upgraded SX boom system.

The reinforced lattice booms enables the 750-tonne capacity cranes to lift weights normally reserved the higher class of crawler cranes with a 1,000-tonne lifting capacity, says Liebherr.


The main application of the cranes will be for the installation of wind turbines, with the reinforced booms enabling the cranes to erect turbines with a hub height of 166 m.

Depending on the boom system and hoisting height, the new development means an increase in lifting capacity of up to 30 percent, says Liebherr.

The SX system with its 3.5 m wide lattice boom sections can be extended by the SX2 and SX3 versions. With these, two or three 14-m long lattice boom sections with a width of 6 m, are fitted to the lower section of the main boom. The SX3 version is capable of assembling components weighing up to 127 tonnes at a height of 166 .