Engineered transport and heavy lifting specialist Mammoet has deployed three of the world’s largest heavy lift ring cranes in India to support the country’s energy industry.


The 5,000-tonne capacity PTC210-DS is currently stationed in Gujarat for the installation of multiple heavy refinery components.  

The 1,600-tonne capacity PTC35-DS ring crane and the 2,000-tonne capacity PT50, meanwhile, are working in Rajasthan on various heavy refinery installations.  

Designed for easy transportation, the cranes feature containerised components, ensuring cost-effective shipping between sites and countries. Additionally, their compact base allows for concurrent onsite work, significantly reducing overall construction lead time and minimising civil work requirements and related costs, said Mammoet

Rahul Rathod, project sales director for Mammoet India, said: “It is truly extraordinary to have three of these colossal cranes in India at the same time. This monumental achievement underscores our commitment to serving India’s evolving energy landscape with efficient and integrated solutions across various sectors, including oil and gas, petrochemicals, nuclear power, and offshore wind projects.” 

Mammoet said that it has more upcoming projects in India’s energy sector and plans to mobilise two further heavy lift cranes: the 4,300-tonne capacity SK190 and the 6,000-tonne capacity SK6000.