March 3 - Manitowoc has introduced an updated version of the Manitowoc MLC300 which utilises a fixed-position counterweight.

According to Manitowoc, the model includes many of the features of the original MLC300, but does not feature Variable Position Counterweight (VPC) technology.

The MLC300 with fixed-position counterweight serves all the lifting needs of a conventional 300-tonne capacity class crane and is designed for equipment owners that focus on limited duty-cycle applications with lighter loads and more repetitive lifts. For this configuration, the MLC300 VPC trolley and tray have been replaced by a two-position, stationary counterweight tray.

Manitowoc's global product director for crawler cranes, Harley Smith, said: "Manitowoc saw a growing need in the crawler crane market for enhanced versatility in a capacity class that was above the Manitowoc 2250 for a variety of applications … Equipment owners that focus on duty-cycle applications, such as clamshell operation, bulk material handling or pile driving, for example, didn't need the features and high-capacity performance associated with VPC technology and preferred to invest in a crane that meets their unique job site requirements. Combined with a multitude of load hoist options, including free fall, the MLC300 with fixed-position counterweight is a crane that will deliver strong lifting power and line pull while serving a wide variety of jobs."

The MLC300 features a 96 m boom and has the option of an additional 30 m fixed jib. A 96 m luffing jib can be added to extend its reach to 150 m.

The MLC300 with fixed-position counterweight will be available in the second quarter of 2017.