Under-the-jib equipment manufacturer Modulift has said that demand for its custom-made lifting frames in Europe and the UK is being buoyed by modular buildings market.

modulift modular heavy lift uk may 2022

In the UK, Modulift said that the government is dealing with a housing crisis and, like many places in Europe, is taking a Scandinavian approach in welcoming all things modular. This has led to an increase in the need for custom-built frames for transporting and installing modular homes as well as other types of construction.

The most popular product has been bespoke adjustable lifting frame; these types of frames are easy to adjust in width and length, and carry out stable lifts with variable centre of gravity (COG).

Modulift’s John Baker said: “The need for custom frames is becoming more urgent especially within this ever growing sector. At Modulift, we have a quick turnaround time for a custom-built frame that can be designed, manufactured and delivered within a four week time frame that suits our customers’ needs and the lift that’s taking place.”