Germany’s Rosslauer Schiffswerft shipyard utilised Cometto’s four-axle self-propelled Eco1000 self-propelled heavy-duty trailers to move steel components weighing up to 145 tonnes around its factory.

Eco1000 4_4_L_Rosslauer_DE_15757_h

Image source: Cometto

Cometto said that the recently acquired Eco1000 was a replacement for the shipyard’s ageing 30-year-old transport technology.

Rosslauer Schiffswerft manufactures steel bridges, locks and barrier gates, and ship sections, in which “the new four-axle Eco1000 now plays a supporting role in these tasks,” said Joachim Kolb, sales manager, Cometto.

Peter Talaska, managing director of the shipyard, commented: “After evaluating a market study, the four-axle Eco1000 as a ‘long-frame’ variant from Cometto precisely met our requirements.”

The family-run company currently operates 19 production sites.