June 10 - Schmidbauer has acquired a Superlift 3800 lattice boom crawler crane from Terex.

Schmidbauer large cranes technical manager, Stefan Schmidbauer, explained that it purchased the Superlift 3800 model partly due to its extra equipment - including the Boom Booster, Split Tray and Flex Frame.

He added that the counterweight can be easily split with the Split Tray option: "This significantly reduces the time and effort involved in rearranging counterweights during setup and disassembly, as well as during operation. On top of this, the Boom Booster increases the crane's already large lifting capacity by up to 30 percent."

Schmidbauer plans to use the Superlift 3800 primarily in the erection of wind turbines, but has also had requests for heavy cargo transhipments and plant construction projects.