March 30 - A British clothing manufacturer has created an innovative clothing range that it claims brings added safety to heavy lift and project cargo personnel.

Fhoss Technology, based in Somerset, UK, has unveiled a new, illuminated clothing system that helps equipment operators see other workers in poorly lit and dark conditions.

Andy Kimitri, Fhoss Technology executive chairman, says: "This is the next generation of personal protective equipment (PPE) and several steps on from high-visibility jackets, trousers and vests workers wear that have been around for more than 50 years and have hardly changed. This is not just reflective clothing, it is one step ahead or even a giant leap forward.

"We have produced a light-emitting reflective tape, which has been designed for use in professional environments where wearing a high visibility garment, such as a vest, is often mandatory due to ever growing health and safety regulations."

Fhoss Technology® has combined the traditional reflective tape with an electroluminescent core that sits behind the semi-transparent tape and actively emits light. Therefore when light is not available the tape emits light as if it were reflecting it.

In order for the tape to work it needs to be powered by a specially developed, mini rechargeable powercell, which is designed to allow 12 hours of constant usage and can be located discreetly in a small pocket on the garment.

The system also allows workers to remove their safety vests when tangled or trapped in machinery, meaning they have a better chance of avoiding injury, says the company.

Pictured from left to right: Nick Allen, managing director of Fhoss Technology®, Peter Martineau, non executive director; Andy Kimitri, executive chairman and Kevin Smith, international business development director, display the new product at a recent launch event.