August 18 - Shuttlelift has introduced the 81.6-tonne capacity DB90 and 149.7-tonne capacity DB165 double-beam, rubber-tyred gantry cranes.

Products in the concrete and steel vessel markets continue to grow in size and as a result so too does the need for an innovative lifting solution that will provide a more cost-effective way of doing business, says Shuttlelift
"We have been receiving numerous requests from customers, especially within the precast concrete market, for machines with the capability to carry loads ranging between the industry norms of 70 tons (63.5 tonnes) and 110 tons (99.8 tonnes)," says Kurt Minten, Shuttlelift's director of industrial sales.

The DB165 machine is designed to meet the increased load sizes in the concrete and steel industries, offering the capability to lift more than the 136-tonne capacity DB150 model.

The introduction and design of the DB90 rubber-tyred gantry crane provides a solution to customers who have load sizes between the 63-tonne capacity DB70 and 99.8-tonne capacity DB110 machines.