August 3 - Dynamic Rigging Hire (DRH) has supplied the rigging equipment, including a 25-tonne capacity wireless load shackle from Straightpoint, for the removal of a large hydraulic cylinder at a Melbourne Water sewer pump station in Australia.

The Straightpoint wireless load shackle and a handheld monitoring device monitored the weight of the cylinder as it was lifted from the floor of a deep shaft in the centre of the pump station. 

Ross Johnson, general manager at DRH, explained that the wireless load shackle was required to confirm the weight of the load to ensure it did not exceed the capacity of the rigging gear and cranes. 

The contractor utilised a 55-tonne capacity overhead crane and a 25-tonne capacity mobile crane to lift the cylinder, which weighed approximately 23 tonnes. Each crane was connected to the load at two pick points. 

The overhead crane was rigged with chain slings that connected at either side of one end of the cylinder frame as it was lifted vertically. Meanwhile, the mobile crane, rigged with the same type of chain and longer, synthetic slings, lifted from the bottom as it was raised beyond the level of the shaft entrance. 

Another two hydraulic cylinders, each weighing 13 tonnes, will be removed at a later date. 

DRH provides a range of rigging, hoisting and load measurement equipment across Australia for construction, engineering, manufacturing, offshore and service projects.