December 6 - Toscani played a key role in the relocation of the 110-year-old sailing ship, Alexander von Humboldt, from Bremen's Europahafen to its final berth on the Schlachte, in Bremen's maritime district.

The crane contractor used used a Liebherr LTM 1200-5.1 mobile crane and a Liebherr HS 853 HD crawler crane to complete the delicate job.

The Alexander von Humboldt has three masts - the largest of which stood 34 m in the air. The ship measured 60 m in length and weighed more than 800 tonnes. The ship was renamed in 1988 after the German naturalist and explorer and since then has covered some 300,000 nautical miles.

The ship is to be retired and used as a hotel an restaurant on the River Weser. However, its final journey to the Schlachte required the removeal of its masts so it could pass under a number of bridges.

The masts were removed at the Louis Krages Pier using the 200-tonne lift capacity LTM 1200-5.1 mobile crane. The HS 853 HD crawler crane, stationed on a barge immediately next to the Alexander von Humboldt, was used to refit the masts once the ship had arrived at the Schlachte.


 Liebherr cranes erect the mast on the Alexander von Humboldt.