September 16 - Pforzheim, Germany based crane rental firm Rothmund GmbH has extended its fleet with the delivery of one Terex AC 100, an AC 140 Compact and an AC 250-1 all terrain cranes.

Rothmund has had a Terex AC 100 in its fleet for the past nine years and due to its strong performance the company decided to add a second, said general manager Heiko Brückner.
"We decided for the AC 250-1 because of its performance and its massive 80 m telescopic boom. The AC 140 Compact factor was, as the name says, the compactness for a crane of this class," he added.
The cranes were handed over at a ceremony at Terex's manufacturing facility in Zweibrücken to Brückner together with crane expert Peter Klumpp and crane driver Achim Teufel.
According to Terex, the AC 100 is the shortest five-axle crane available on the market at only 11 m, as well as featuring a 50 m long main boom as standard that can be extended to more than 83 m with supplementary equipment. Its maximum lifting capacity is 85.5 tonnes.
The AC 250-1 has the longest main roadable boom with a 12 tonne axle load, says Terex. It features a 113 m maximum system length with a 36 m extendable swing-away jib.
The AC 140 is one of the world's most compact cranes in the 140-tonne capacity class, and offers high performance in a wider range of applications than comparable all terrain cranes, says Terex.