April 27 - Green Pin, part of the Van Beest Group, has introduced the Green Pin Power Sling Shackle, which the company claims can save customers up to 20 percent on synthetic and wire rope costs.

According to Green Pin, the design enables customers to lift the same load with a lighter wire, which results in lower costs.

The patent pending design features an optimal D/d ratio that boosts the bending efficiency of the wire rope to 85 percent, and an increase of 10 percent on the width of the crown, which Green Pin claims is the widest available on the market. It is also designed with a lower body weight, multiple handling points and RFID-chips in both shackle body and pin.

Each shackle has been individually proof-load tested to twice the working load limit and fatigue tested to guarantee its long-term performance.

The power sling is available in a working load limit range from 125 tonnes to 1,250 tonnes.