September 11 - In the UK, Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) is set to move to a new site away from the Cardington site that it has occupied since it was first launched.

Further announcements are expected in the coming weeks, starting with a new location for HAV engineers and other office-based teams to work from at the start of December.

With extended flight testing and customer demonstrations soon starting, and some of these tests requiring more take-off and landing distance than available at Cardington, HAV will use other airfields for testing and operations.

At a later date, HAV will announce where the planned production location for its Airlander 10 will be. This site will provide nearly 2,000 additional jobs in the UK, delivering parts and sub-assemblies for building, testing, and delivering 12 or more aircraft per year. This will be done from 'right-size' hangars, purpose-designed for Airlander 10.