February 13 - Modulift has unveiled the Active Link, an end unit system with an integrated load cell, compatible with the existing range of Modulift spreader beams.

The end unit system will provide wireless real-time data by measuring the load at either end of the spreader beam and transmitting the information wirelessly to a USB transceiver, which needs to be connected to a Windows computer or tablet.

The system, Modulift claims, is ideal for both weighing and dynamic load monitoring.

The Active Link, which replaces the standard drop link component, does not need to be sourced as an additional rigging tool, which according to Modulift provides a range of benefits with time, cost and weight savings.  

The Active Link is available in a range of capacities up to 100 tonnes based on standard Modulift beam sizes from MOD 12 to MOD 70H; the initial range will be AL 12, AL 24, AL 34, AL 50, AL 70 and AL 70H.