August 12 - Samson, a leader in high performance synthetic rope, has been awarded a patent titled Line Structure for Marine Use in Contaminated Environments.

This technology was developed by Samson while partnering with Delmar Systems on its patented Omni-Max™gravity-installed anchor system.

Proper deployment of the new anchor design would have been hampered by the use of traditional anchor chain in this application. The additional weight of chain affects the trajectory of the anchor causing insufficient embedment into the seabed. To address this issue, Samson engineers developed a synthetic alternative that replaces the anchor chain. One of the biggest challenges in this application was protection of the synthetic rope from the damaging effects of outside contaminants it comes in contact with during use. Samson says this is a very unique application, and is the first time any synthetic has been used under the mud-line for an offshore mooring.

Samson engineers developed M-8, an 8-strand plaited construction. Each of the 8-strands is composed of a 3-strand, all Dyneema fibre core covered with a filter barrier to resist soil infiltration, and protected from abrasion by a braided Dyneema fibre cover.

The patent encompasses the use of this particular design in any marine environment in which the strength members are subject to damage from outside contaminants during use in offshore mooring systems. The design provides protection to the strength members and the ability to easily inspect the rope, which is different from other "filtered" ropes.

Samson says that this patent represents the continuance of Samson's commitment to partnering with its customers to provide custom engineered solutions. This is Samson's 11th patent in 8 years.