August 6 - Heavy-duty equipment manufacturers Scheuerle and Nicolas - a part of the TII Group - have developed the Superflex semi-lowbed trailer system.

It is possible for vehicles with a single telescopic stage to move two front axle lines in a telescoped position, between the gooseneck and the rear bogie unit in 0.5 m increments.
For vehicles that have a double telescopic stage the axle lines can both be pushed in the direction of the gooseneck as well as to the rear bogie. With this innovation, it is possible to modify the vehicle to suit the position of a payload's centre of gravity and make optimal use of each axle line's capability.
If two axle lines are surplus to requirements when moving a certain load they can be removed easily, without the need for specialised equipment.
"This is unique in the market and shows once again that the TII Group, with Nicolas and Scheuerle, lives up to its reputation as a driver of innovation and world market leader. We are just thinking once again from the point of view of our customers - this makesthe difference, "says Mathias Hobusch, project engineer at  Scheuerle.

The Superflex in a lowered position with a freely positioned two-axle module

The two-axle assembly is lowered; the semi-trailer is lifted and is then laterally driven over the two-axle lines using radio remote control steering

Within just a few minutes, the Superflex is transformed into a 6-axle vehicle