Readybox ready to pack

September 8 - Transport and Project Logistics (TPL) subsidiary Readybox has signed a contractual agreement with Van Moer Rail and Exportpack to introduce a new maritime packing service in Antwerp: Readybox Marine Packing.

Robert Vermetten, founder of Readybox, explains that in Europe the demand for SEI certified packing is rising, because only a certified packing solution provides a guarantee that the content is adequately protected against corrosion and that the case has been safely stored for at least one year.

Should there be damage to the contents of SEI certified packing, this would remain covered, whereas these risks are always excluded in ordinary goods insurance, added Vermetten. For this reason, Exportpack has been SEI licensed for 15 years.

Yves De Winter of Exportpack explained that this was a logical step to grow business with reliable and competent partners, while director of Van Moer Rail, Luc Kermans, was also optimistic about the projects: "It represents a valuable add-on to our existing services."

Van Moer Rail has experience in the handling of cargo, lashing and securing of project cargo, and logistics services.

Vermetten stressed the importance of packing heavy and outsize cargo with a view to its further handling. "Besides actual packing, cargo also need to be marked properly, load and packing lists need to be issued, the heat treated cases need to be numbered," he went on.

Vermetten is optimistic that the integrated service provided by Readybox Marine Packing, which is built on TPL's expertise in project shipments, will add value to exporting companies and international freight forwarders.

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