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    South Korea: an Asian powerhouse at the crossroads


    South Korean manufacturers are having to adapt to a world of lower-cost competition, forcing project logisticians and multipurpose shipping lines to take stock. However, there are still opportunities as the coal-dependent nation redraws its energy mix. Chris Lewis reports.

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    Ongoing project logistics opportunities in oil and gas maintenance

    In addition to new plant projects, the non-renewable energies sector of the power generation industry will continue to produce two other sources of logistics work – maintenance/modernisation/ upgrades at existing installations and the decommissioning of old facilities.

  • Winds of change in the USA

    Winds of change in the USA


    Research from various industry analysts suggest that both the onshore and offshore wind energy sectors in the USA are on the cusp of receiving huge surges of investments.

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    HLPFI - November/December 2017 - now available!


    HLPFI's November/December 2017 edition is packed full of useful information.

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    What's in Issue 11 of HLPFI?


    October 16 - In the November/December issue of HLPFI, our regional profile will be on the economies within the Gulf Cooperation Council; whilst our individual country reports will be on South Africa, France and Argentina.