BigMove has placed an order for 19 EuroCompact trailers with Scheuerle.

The highly manoeuvrable EuroCompact heavy-duty combination safely reached the construction site situated behind the Munich Town Hall.

BigMove – a consortium of medium-sized, heavy hauliers and logistics companies operating throughout Europe – has delivered an 86-tonne rotary drilling rig from Mannheim via the A9 motorway to the centre of Munich, Germany.

Behind the Munich Town Hall, construction of the city’s S-Bahn rail network has been progressing. The 86-tonne rig was delivered to the site using a Scheuerle EuroCompact lowbed trailer.

BigMove said that it has acquired 19 of the latest generation EuroCompact units, a model that has been redeveloped with handling in mind. Scheuerle explained that the focus was to devleop a trailer that ensured faster and easier loading/unloading operations, when compared to the previous generation of vehicles.

"The EuroCompact is a vehicle developed from the experience gained in the field for use in the field," added Horst Wallek, member of the management board at Wallek and Geser, a company that is part of the BigMove Group. "In the fight for driving personnel, it is especially important that we have a vehicle that makes it easy for drivers to operate," he explained.

"For us as a heavy-load logistics provider, it is of great importance that we are able to access the loading and unloading points when transporting increasingly larger and heavier construction machinery. The EuroCompact has an outstanding payload to dead weight ratio. This makes the task much easier for us,” said Wallek.

Furthermore, when unloaded, the vehicle is classified under the single-driver regulation, as it weighs in below the 41.8-tonne limit. Plus, thanks to an optimised excavator deck, the dolly can simply be driven over and no deck modifications are required.

The semi-trailer's deadweight has been reduced to 30 tonnes (maximum). The weight of the respective transported goods can be optimally distributed on the flatbed decks while the fifth wheel load can be continuously adjusted.