Bonn & Mees has coordinated the discharge of a vessel hull in the port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, using five sheerleg cranes.

The heavy lift vessel UHL Fast arrived at the port’s Waalhaven harbour in late August from Nantong, China.

In collaboration with NEPA Shipping, Steinweg and Sinepol, Bonn & Mees mobilised three sheerleg cranes from its own fleet, one from Multraship and a fifth unit owned by a Norwegian company.

The hull measured 135 m x 22.8 m and weighed 2,300 tonnes. The unit was first hoisted in a tandem lift and then the five sheerlegs collectively moved backwards to lower the hull onto the water.

Two more hulls on UHL Fast will be unloaded at Steinweg’s Beatrixhaven terminal at the port of Rotterdam. The hulls will then be forwarded to various shipyards in the region for completion.