India’s Boxco Logistics has moved heavy and oversized cargoes for the HMEL Bhatinda refinery project.

In late May, the Boxco team coordinated the delivery of a 621-tonne unit from ISGEC Heavy Engineering’s fabrication yard in Bhatinda to the project site. The equipment, which measured 40 m x 9.5 m x 11 m, was moved using 48 axle lines of SPMTs. 

This was followed by the delivery of a 190-tonne column from GR Engineering’s fabrication yard. For this move, 24 axle lines of SPMTs were deployed to transport the 42 m-long unit. 

The biggest challenge for both of these moves, according to Boxco, was the critical turns inside the refinery. 

“There was not enough manoeuvring space at the site due to the construction activity inside the refinery and this required specialised SPMTs which give flexibility and power. This kind of movement would not have been possible on conventional axles,” explained Boxco.

In total, Boxco has handled more than 25 over-dimensional and heavy lift units the project. The largest piece measured 95 m x 7 m x 6.5 m, while the heaviest unit weighed 1,121 tonnes.