Elevon – a joint venture of Abnormal Load Services (ALS) and NorSea – has been busy moving wind turbine components for two projects in Scandinavia.

For the first project, weather conditions posed challenges for the Elevon team, with temperatures dropping to -22°C at certain points during the loading operations.

According to ALS, the day started with frozen equipment, vehicles and lashing chains. From lifting the first blade to the last one, it took eight hours to load the blades onto the vessel.

Once the operation was complete, the vessel sailed to Denmark.

In a second Scandinavian project, wind turbine components were unloaded from a vessel and transferred onto trailers. Elevon then arranged the onward transportation to a storage facility.

The cargoes measured 73.74 m x 4.2 m x 3.27 m and weighed 23 tons (20.9 tonnes).