Switzerland-headquartered crane contractor Emil Egger has utilised its 1,000-tonne capacity LR 11000 crawler crane from Liebherr for a bridge hoist project near Lausanne. 

In a restricted project site, the crane had to lift the heavy bridge section and position it over a river in Moudon, western Switzerland. The crane had to operate with a 180 degree slewing angle, which required a large suspended ballast radius. 

To complete the works, Emil Egger used the LR 11000 with a V-frame configuration. “Without the hydraulically adjustable ballast radius, hoisting the bridge would have been significantly more expensive,” explained managing director Michael Egger. “Firstly, it would have required much more expensive work on the embankment to get closer to the abutments with a crawler crane. And then we would also have required a much longer crane track to complete the bridge immediately in front of the abutment.” 

The V-frame, developed by Liebherr in Ehingen, enabled Emil Egger to reduce the radius of the suspended ballast to 13 m once the load had been hoisted.