Marine Maroc has deployed its Cometto SPMTs to move a generator and turbine for the Azito power plant project in the Ivory Coast.

Working with Bolloré Transport & Logistics, which has transport 900 tons (816.5 tonnes) of equipment for the fourth phase of the project, the first component to be moved was the 361-ton (327.5-tonne) turbine.

Marine Maroc’s Cometto SPMTs were used in an 8 x 8 axle line configuration. The combination generated a platform width of 5 m and payload capacity of 600 tons (544.3 tonnes).

“Thanks to the 600 mm stroke, the vehicle picks up the turbine from the steel frame and starts its final movement to the power plant. The electronic steering of the light blue painted modules guarantees maximum manoeuvrability and precision,” said Faymonville.

Bolloré and Marine Maroc then transported a 295-ton (267.6-tonne) generator, following the same route to the project site.