South Korea’s Esprit Logistics and Belgium-based Invicta Projects have delivered an LNG sub-cooler to Busan on behalf of Samsung Heavy Industries, as part of a shipbuilding project with Wartsila Gas Solutions.

The LNG sub-cooler weighed 47 tons (42.6 tonnes). It was 14.4 m long, 4.8 m wide and 4.1 m high, making the overall volume of the shipment over 285 cu m.

One of the biggest challenges in transporting the sub-cooler was finding the best route from the shipper’s factory to the port. Heavy rain in Italy had rendered some roads impassable, but Invicta Projects found an alternative option that enabled the move to go ahead as scheduled.

Another requirement of the job was to find storage space at each of the ports involved in the journey.

Esprit Logistics and Invicta Projects are members of the XLProjects (XLP) network