Felbermayr has relocated a 300-tonne gantry crane at the port of Duisburg, Germany, using SPMTs.

Measuring approximately 18 m high, the crane needed to be moved to make way for the construction of a new warehouse.

“The core of the solution was the combination of SPMTs, with what are known as heavy-duty towers,” explained Felbermayr engineered solutions divisional manager Kees Kompier. Two parallel SPMT combinations were used, each with 12 axle lines and a power pack. Two heavy-duty towers were positioned at the front and two at the back, along with steel girders. The structure was also stabilised with diagonally braced steel cables.

“Calculating the suitability of this configuration was somewhat of a challenge,” added Kompier, noting that the heavy-duty equipment had to be modified due to the lack of attachment points.

With the combination set up, the gantry was moved 700 m to its new location.