Collett & Sons has moved two 335-tonne transformers from the port of Dover to a substation in Sellindge, UK on behalf of Daher Projects.

After arriving at the port, Collett discharged the first unit from the hold of the vessel onto an SPMT combination, before it was moved to storage at the port. The second transformer was then lifted from the vessel and secured on to Collett’s Scheuerle girder bridge trailer.

The combination, which measured 79.5 m long, then began the 30-mile (48.3-km) journey to the substation in Sellindge, Ashford.

Due to its length, the trailer was unable to navigate the roads around the project site. Ground loading restrictions also limited the options for final delivery. To overcome this, Collett reloaded the transformer on to SPMTs, equipped with a power pack module.

Collett subsequently manoeuvred the unit onto a temporary plinth. It was moved into final position at a later date by means of a jack and slide system.

With the first transformer safely on site, Collett returned to the port of Dover and loaded the second unit in preparation for transport.