InterMax Solutions coordinated the delivery of a 45-tonne mechanical press from Kaohsiung (Taiwan), via Shanghai, to Alashankou in Xingang, China.


The cargo, which measured 5 m x 3.7 m x 3 m, was moved by ocean and road. If could not be secured to a flatrack, so it was moved on a breakbulk vessel to Shanghai. “We arranged for a crane and direct unloading onto our truck as the port crane could only lift 30 tonnes,” said a spokesperson for InterMax. “As the cargo was overwidth and overheight, we had to plan the route very carefully and used specific equipment, applied for a related license to secure the safety of the transport.”

The 4,400 km route to Alashankou, which is on the border with Kazakhstan, was traversed over the course of four days. In total, the project took 12 days to complete.

InterMax Solutions is member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) representing Taiwan.