Hässleholm-based crane company and heavy lift transport provider Jinert has moved a 152-tonne transformer from Gröndal to a plant in Bredäng, a suburb in southwest Stockholm.

The task posed several challenges, not least the selection of a route that could withstand the overall 212-tonne weight of the convoy.

Scandinavian forwarder Martin Bencher coordinated the delivery of the unit from the port of Västerås to Gröndal. The company discharged the transformer using a floating crane before it began the journey to the project site. 

It was towed along Lake Malar to Gröndal, from where Jinert was contracted to move the transformers by road for the final 8 km of their journey.

This last leg traversed residential areas and required the removal (and subsequent replacement) of road signs to enable the convoy to pass. Since the asphalt surfaces were not designed to handle the pressure of such a heavy load, it was also necessary to reinforce several sections of the route with a total of 90 road plates.

The transformer travelled on a 14-axle trailer drawn by a Mercedes-Benz Actros trailer. An extra four-axle Actros was connected for the steepest section of the route.

In total, Martin Bencher will move three transformers for the plant at Bredäng.