The Jumbo-SAL-Alliance, on behalf of the joint venture of Chiyoda, CB&I, Zachry JV (CCZ JV), has transported 215,529 freight tons of cargo from Changshu, China, to Beaumont, USA, for the Golden Pass LNG project.


Image source: SAL Heavy Lift

Divided over nine shipments, the cargoes included 27 air cool condensers (ACC) modules, auxiliary modules, steam ducts, and staircases.

The heaviest ACC module weighed 260.4 tonnes and measured 25.9 m long, 14.4 m wide, and 17.3 m high.

In a separate project, the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance completed a third consecutive voyage for an offshore wind farm development in the USA. Monopile sections were loaded onto Jumbo’s vessel Fairpartner in Germany and then transported through the Kiel Canal and onto the USA.


Image source: SAL Heavy Lift; monopiles loaded on Roll Group’s vessel BigRoll Beaufort

In total, the alliance will transport 150 monopile segments from Germany to the USA, with a fourth voyage approaching. Fairpartner will handle seven voyages, transporting nine monopile sections (or three full monopiles) on each trip. The heaviest section that will be carried weighs approximately 742 tonnes.

To assist with the scale of the scope and the schedule, the team has chartered Roll Group’s vessel BigRoll Beaufort to perform six voyages loaded with 15 monopile sections each time (or five full monopiles).