Mammoet utilised two LR 11350 crawler cranes from Liebherr to hoist the nacelle of GE’s Haliade-X wind turbine at the port of Rotterdam. 

In a tandem lift, the two crawler cranes hoisted a gross load of 780 tonnes to place the nacelle onto the 150 m-tall tower. The cranes were supplied by Danish contractor BMS – one of units was shipped directly to Rotterdam from the production line at Liebherr’s plant in Ehingen.

Once the nacelle was raised to the required height, the LR 11350s had to move around 20 m with the load on their hooks before the unit could be positioned on the tower. 

One of the cranes remained on site and installed the 107 m-long rotor blades, completing the erection of the turbine in late October.  The prototype of the 12 MW has since produced its first kilowatt-hour (kWh) of power.